I CLICKed the Pistachios

How much I longed to participate in the CLICK event organized by Jai and Bee ? Really so much but not at all daring to. The first month, I thought this is not for me as I am very bad at clicking my recipes. Even the loveliest cake I baked looked under average when I clicked. I clicked a bunch of pasta for the previous month’s event but it turned to be too ugly. So missed it too. But this time from the start of the announcement was thinking hard about what nut I can shoot ? what should be the background ? how much I can manage the lighting with the simple accessories (just a 60 watt bulb as a table lamp he he!) I have etc. Finally I decided on the pistachios. I am not confident about the lighting accessories. Chose the rice flour as my background. Spread a cup of rice flour on a plate and arranged the pistas randomly. Took it to the terrace in the evening (only then I can get an yellow light from the sun) and started clicking. And hurray one particualr click turned out to be brilliant! yes I loved it. The yellow light had played well in such a magical moment that I could get the green and pink colors of the nut to be so attractive.

I am sending this to Jai and Bee and will be glad to see that in the roundup. Thanks for the inspiration it gave for me who have started learning the intricacies of the great art photography!


14 comments on “I CLICKed the Pistachios

  1. Thats one great picture 🙂

  2. great shot nirmala…looks good

  3. Lovely.. Indeed the yellow light has shown its effect..:)

    ~ Siri

  4. That’s really one excellent picture!

  5. Its really a beautiful pic. great entry

  6. Why did you even think twice to participate..The click pic luks so wonderful

  7. And the picture is perfect!!! 🙂 I’m no good at taking pics either, but I participate in CLICK for the fun of it 🙂 Glad you decided to jump in this time…that’s the spirit!!

  8. That’s very well captured girl!! those pistachios look amazing, and you are right, the play of light gives it a brilliant effect!

  9. it’s beautiful. thank you for participating.

  10. Nice pictures.. love the green…

  11. beautiful picture great entry for click

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