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Weekend baking atleast for me is a great stress reliever. But as far as my kids are concerned I am happy that they snack on homemade goodies throughout the week.

When blog-hopping I found this excellent simple cake from CreampuffsinVenice. I love this site and am a regular reader.The fabulous pics and the luscious writing are very refreshing. How much ever cakes I make my younger one loves plain vannila stuff as she is yet to become big to munch on nuts or other additions. This cake was a big hit at home and since I baked it 3 weeks back I have made them 4 times till now! Real hit isn’t it ? Its a buttermilk cake but the variations I made are as below:

1. I skipped the syrup part and the following  *grated zest of an orange  *2 tbsp. Grand Marnier

2. And substituted canola oil with same amount of melted butter

3. Since I do not have cake flour substituted with the same amount of corn flour

This is a very moist and soft cake and tastes best with tea or coffee. Above all its a kids favorite. Then I baked some French butter cookies from JoyofBaking.

The variations I made are :

1. Added a cup full of powdered cashew. It brought the taste near to Nankhattai.

2. Added some chocolate chips to the second part of the dough for a variation.

And the “Brinjal Kunukku” from theyumblog turned out to be an excellent evening snack with a hot cup of tea. I could take pics of the cookies alone which I am posting here.


3 comments on “From fellow bloggers

  1. Oh you tried out that brinjal kunukku..great..I am also planning to make it

  2. the cake looks good ur kids must be happy that u find baking so much fun.

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