The bug called “Tender Potato Bread”

And yesterday night the “Potato Bread” bug bit me too. After a “viral fever” episode at home I was gaining energy and relaxing. It was irresistible when the “Daring Bakers” all around the food blog world talk about the “Tender Potato” bread. I was not so daring but still wanted to satisfy my urge to bake something after a long break. I made it finally.
I followed the recipe os lovely Tanna till the point when it came to kneading. Kneading ??? Anybody who said about how sticky the dough is and still continued kneading should be really daring I would say. Its just a sticky goey mass. My kid Siva sitting by my side constantly nagging me with questions about the bread I felt the dough is better 😉 But I loved kneading it as I added flour little by little (I started with just 4 cups) till I reached the 6 cup limit (my own limit), the dough became wonderfully elastic and quiet moist too. The mashed potato aroma was wonderful enough to suppress the yeast smell. I kneaded for almost 15 minutes.

I meant kneading here is mixing the dough with hands inside the contianer. I was not daring to take the dough out of it. Once I was satisfied I transformed it to an oiled container and left it to rise. Since the weather here was chill I left it overnight. After a good sleep in the morning when I opened the container the dough welcomed me with a wonderful rise. I shaped it as one focaccia and one medium loaf. Topped both of them with chopped coriander leaves and add few slices of green chillies to the focaccia alone. Brushed them liberally with butter and left for the second rise.

Both the focaccia and the loaf baked very well. They were soft with a nice crust and the taste was totally out of the world.

I made a simple tomato soup to dip them and the morning breakfast was a great hit at home. Both amma and appa enjoyed them well. My sis who is not a lover of such kind of food too enjoyed it! Thanks Tanna for the great recipe!


13 comments on “The bug called “Tender Potato Bread”

  1. I totally agree with you. When half the blogs I read are making this amazing looking bread, it is pretty hard to resist. I am making some today!

  2. Gee if I was your amma I would enjoy it too. It looks especially good with the soup. Will you post the soup ecipe?

  3. That looks super Nirmala.. That bread has been tempting me too but the since it’s so difficult to handle & sticky, i’ve been putting it off.

  4. not bad..am tempted to bake it again! I had fun doing the challenge.

  5. OMG! It luks amazing! And yes! sticky dough sure had me worried for a while but the taste made all that effort worth it..:)

  6. Oh wow, no you are passing the bug bite to meeeeeee! I feel like making it too, looks delicious!

  7. Whats this, I see Potato Bread all over blogosphere! ..:D Seems like the potato bug bit me too. Seriously, lovely looking bread during this chilly winters. Good Job Nirmala. Hope you are doing good now.

    take care!

    ~ Siri

  8. Glad you took it up…the dough was sticky to begin with…but the effort was well worth it…your focaccia looks lovely…well done!

  9. Nirmala, I know what you are talking about. I have been bitten by the bug too 🙂

  10. what a gorgeous loaf. now, are you going to join the daring bakers?

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Its worth a try and I would love to see some more trials !
    Bee, am not yet daring so 😉

  12. absolutely tummy. Another suggestion, i have done this bread with some olive oil and freshly chopped basil – a juts a bit for a lovely flavor.
    I cant wait to make this recipe.

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