Diwali updates after a break…

Its a looong break. Yes, amma was not well and hence my time at home was more taken for household work. Eventhough I was taking photos I am not able to post anything in my blog. And then came the Diwali. The celebration was good with all goodies made from fellow bloggers. Myself together with my dear sis made the following for Diwali.
Muruku from Mahanandi
Thattai from Food in the main
Goduma halwa from The Yum blog
Cashew~Walnut Laddu (Kaju-Akhrot Burfi) from Mahanandi

Mega Murukku

I could take photos of the muruku and thattai. But the two sweets turned out to be yummy too.

And my baking trials were
1. Potato bread
2. Banana bread

3. Jam filled pastry

All the three turned out to be yummy but I am more satisfied with the bread as its my first ever bread! All the recipes are from bakingbites.com
The Jam filled pastry was quiet adorable and is a hit among my kids. It was excellent when warm. I made the pastry dough 2 days before (actually could not find time to use it until then :() and filled it with kissan pineapple jam. Its buttery, flaky and the pineapple jam was a perfect addition. But the photo was too bright šŸ˜¦

Hope all my fellow foodies would have had a wonderful Diwali!


6 comments on “Diwali updates after a break…

  1. Hey Nirmala…good to have you back and that too with so many goodies!…everything looks great!..hope you will be able to make it to meet lathamma.

  2. Dear Nirmala. all the sweets and savories made by u n ur sis are yummy and delish..:) Hope aunty gets well soon. All our good wishes are with her.

  3. Hi Nirmala,

    Hope ur mom is feeling fine now. A lovely spread for Diwali.

  4. The sweets looks good. Hope youir amma gets better fast.

  5. nirmala..send that muruku to bee for the click!

  6. Everything looks so festive, Nirmala.
    Belated Shubha Deepavali wishes to you and your family!

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