Maavilaku – For RCI Tamil Festival foods

I am back with full energy after some difficult time at home. Yes, my kids were not well and was held up with them since a few days. Now things were in place, started doing my favorite things. And whats the most favorite thing ? Ofcourse blogging šŸ˜‰

Maavilaku is one of an important item in Tamil festivals. It is offered for Lord Muruga and Goddess Paarvathi in different occasions. But it is the key item during “Kaarthigai Deepam” a festival for Lord Muruga celebrated during the Kaarthigai month. We all love this maavu with fresh coconut slices.

1 cup raw rice soaked overnight
6 nos pepper
a pinch of salt
1/2 cup grated jaggery
1/2 cup water
2 pods of cardamom
4 T Ghee
a strand of cotton

Fresh coconut slices to serve

How to make it?
Drain the soaked rice and spread it in a cotton cloth and let it dry for half an hour. The rice grains should not be wet but still moist. Take the rice, pepper, salt and grind it to a fine powder in a mixie. Boil jaggery with water till all the jaggery is dissolved. Take the vessel from the stove and strain it in a colander to remove any dirt. Take the strained liquid in a thick bottom vessel and boil again in low flame. Every now and then dip a spoon into the boiling liquid and drop it in a plate filled with water. If the liquid stands as a ball without getting dissoved immediately take the vessel from the stove and add the rice mixture to it. Add the cardomom pods after powdering them to this mixture. Mix well and again place the vessel on the stove top and mix until the entire mass does not stick to the vessel. Now its done and switch off the stove. Let the mass cool thoroughly.

How is it offered ?
Shape the cooled dough like a bun and press a deep hole in the center half way through. It should resemble a big bowl. (as shown in the pciture). Melt the ghee and fill the hole. Make a wick out of the
cotton and place it in the hole. Lit the wick and place near the lamp in the pooja room.

How to eat it?
Make thin slices of fresh coconut. Take a big marble size of the

dough and stick it to the coconut slice.

You can do it on bite sized pieces of coconut too as shown in the pic. Start munching šŸ˜‰ I contribute this for RCI Tamil Festival foods conducted by VCuisice fame Viji!


17 comments on “Maavilaku – For RCI Tamil Festival foods

  1. Nirmala…welcome back…infact I saw this title quite early..but didn’t see your name…thats why didn’t check till now…picture looks great..and of couse thats my favorite you know..Amma makes it so good!

  2. hey hope the kids are well now!! Everything else comes to a standstill when kids are down. Glad to see u n your lovely dish back.

  3. hey is this salividi in telugu? i love it. will try ur recipe soon. visisted ur blog first time. u have a gr8 blog. i like it.

  4. Hope kids are better now. Sweet looks delicious, never heard of it before!:))

  5. Glad to know that your kids are better…mine have been down too for the last couple of days.

  6. Hi
    hope all’s well at your end now, this festive sweet looks good!

  7. Nice yummy looking sweet!

  8. thats a fantastic entry! very well written and lovely!

  9. Hi!
    Maavilaku looks very nice!!!!! Apt entry for the event!!!!

  10. Beautiful. Thanx for sharing.

  11. Dear Nirmala, thank you for this unique entry. The way you presented this special Neivedyam is impressive. Appreciate your interest. Have a good day. Viji

  12. I love how you’ve shaped it so beautifully into a vilakku…

  13. Glad to know your kids are all better now Nirmala! Those fresh coconut slices with the dough look very yummy! Never seen this before!

  14. Hi,
    Wonderful looking Maa Vilakku!!! Thanks for sharing

  15. Thanks a lot for all your love. By God’s grace my kids were alright. There are other ways to prepare the same maa vilakku as mentioned in theyumblog.wordpress.com. Happy to see all your comments!

  16. Long live your blog.. got what i was searching for. I am going to try it for shashti – will let u know how it turns out. romba romba thanks.

  17. Great site and i will surely try some of the south indian recipes. We share the same roots. I am new blogger and i like to cook as well. Could you add me to you blog list as well. Do visit my site and comment and critique.

    the site is

    Thanks Archana

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