Chennai bloggers meet…

Meeting the people whom we interact thru blogs everyday is such a wonderful thing! Yes, we almost share our everyday kitchen events. For Indian households Kitchen plays a major role in personal life. When I read my fellow bloggers post I feel I am with them in their kitchen. When Lakshmi of the “The Yum blog” opted for such a meet (meet of all the Chennai food bloggers) I could not control my excitement and I said a bis YES immediately. Since you have read Lakshmi’s post on this let me fill in the gaps. I was the one joined them last due to some dragging personal work. But did not have any difficulty in guessing them when I met.
For first few minutes I could only smile and once my excitement pacified I could not stop chatting. Both Lakshmi and Srivalli were amazing women with their bubbling energy. We could not end up as initially I planned for 2 hours meet within myself but have to struggle hard to end up the conversation. Sharing so many things (most of them are common) in the end I felt both of them close to my heart.

Srivalli is a cool person and her attitude (managing 3 kids and remaining so cool) really made me check mine after getting home. She must be loving her parents like anything as every second line quoted either her father or mother.

Lakshmi is a big bubble of energy with her sweet smile always, gave me so many surprises learning classical dance 12 years, working for a non-profit organization as a volunteer, running her own software startup..and what not! For such a kiddo these were too much! I simply fallen for her sweet smile anyway!

Please read thru Lakshmi’s and Srivalli’s post on the same. Photos were present only of Lakshmi’s post!

N.B: To explain more on the comments written by Srivalli :

I have my humble OTG placed under a table in the corner of our living room to which the kids can never reach. As mentioned several times before I used to do my baking trials late in night after everybody have slept. One night I was under the table checking the doneness of the cake I was baking and when I came out my father who had awaken at that time almost stumbled upon me. Scared he was when I suddenly came out from under the table was commenting ” who was bothering here for you to bake cakes in odd times”. This particualr comment made both Srivalli and Lakshmi laugh for few minutes!


12 comments on “Chennai bloggers meet…

  1. kiddo? hmph – :D. looking forward to meeting you again on the 11th, hope your throat is better now.

    so true about sri, she’s so dedicated to her family – i think we learnt a lot about her athamma, amma and appa – just over the conversation.

    ps: i know you’re refreshing comments, get back to work – lol 😉

  2. hahah…thanks for the nice words Nirmal..Yes I too got to know so many things that you shared about your family!. It will be very nice meeting you all again on 11th.
    This is fun reading your post.
    As Lakshmi said, when I was refreshing yesterday I remembered what you said and laughed…now you can get back to work…:)

  3. heyy..i wus also supposed to be part of this..but cudnt make it…got to se ur blog cos of this neways!! 🙂 good one…

  4. You lucky girls!!!
    Its wonderful to see u girls meet up that way and enjoy over a nice cuppa!!

  5. Nice to read this post! During my next visit I will try to meet you all. Viji

  6. So wonderful to know the details. Lakshmi sounds like bubbly busy Bee and Sri sounds addicted to blogging! Hahaha!! Glad you girls had great time!:))

  7. so when are we getting to taste some of those goodies or atleast see the recipes?

  8. Hi Nirmala, OTG under the table in a corner, now that’s an idea!

  9. I read about this in Latha’s blog. you guys seem to have had a nice time:)

  10. Nirmala, You gals had a great time. Makes me happy just reading it 🙂

  11. Hope everything is fine with you and your family! Lakshmi said your child was unwell.

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