Asha cookies

You were one of those dear ones who can hug any weary creature who longs for some attention. I every time get overwhelmed when I see your comment. Today I baked a pastry. All these days my baking recipes are from fellow bloggers but this one is my own creation. I suddenly thought of giving names to my own creations…what about giving my dear bloggers’ names to them? First thing came to my mind is yours but was bit hesitant to do it without your permission…But again our dear angel said a big YES to me. And you can easily guess her name its Ashaji of Foodie’s hope!

Dear Asha, this my humble recipe and I call it as Asha cookies. Sounds great na?

All purpose flour – 1 cup
Butter (unsalted, cut into cubes) – 1/2 cup
Chocolate shavings – 1 cup
Toasted and coarsely ground pistachios – 1 cup
Salt – 1/4 spoon
Sugar – 1/4 cup

Actually what I wanted to make:
Make a pastry dough with the flour, butter, salt and sugar and refrigirate it. Take them out roll it into a big rectangle, sprinkle the choco shavings and pistas and roll them as a swiss roll. Cut them into slices. Bake them and serve them warm with shipped cream. In thought this was perfect but the destiny was having a big laugh at my back with I failed to notice.

But what happened ?
When I tried to roll the dough it was not at all pliable. Somehow I managed to roll it and spreaded the choco and pista and tried to roll the dough as a swiss roll. Hmm…after some minutes of trial I ended up with a big mass of dough, choco shavings and pistas everything together. Thought for a minute and immediately made the dough into small balls and flattened them into cookies and baked. Voila…they were really nice to my surprise. So I am giving the decent version of a “how to make”.

How to make it?
Mix the butter cubes, salt and flour with your hands until the flour resembles bread crubs. Add salt and sugar and knead well. Keep it in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Take it out and add the chocolate and pista and knead well. Divide into small balls (2 inch diameter) and flatten them into a cookie. Pre heat the oven and bake these cookies on a baking sheet for 10-12 minutes at 375 degress.. They won’t get crisper or chewy. Just check with a skewer if the cookies are done. The above mentioned time is enough. Take them out and cool them for 10 more minutes. These were not the kind of chewy or crispy ones. These were melt in the mouth kind and the only thing will remain in u’re mouth for chewing is the toasted pistas.

They tasted great and I liked them more because they do not have either eggs or baking powder. Give a try!


14 comments on “Asha cookies

  1. Thats really so sweet!…very nice of you and the recipe sounds good without egg…will try out the Asha cookies…thanks for sharing
    Thanks Srivalli!

  2. and for a minute i thought these would be benne biscuits for RCI – K!!! they are almost like benne biscuits though.
    Oh really! Then pls do post the recipe for the same soon !

  3. This is such a sweet gesture. So is Asha 🙂
    Absolutely true! I meant your stmt about Asha 😉

  4. Even my chocolate chip buns came out of a disaster… wanted to make swiss rolls of sorts 🙂 dough wasn’t pliable… and so I mixed everything together.

    Lovely tribute and nice cookies
    really? Nice to know I have company dear!

  5. Cookie dough without egg are not pliable. Can’t help. I like even cakes without eggs. When we use ghee for cookies we can bake immediately. with butter you can get better results if refrigerated for a few hours before baking.
    With such tasty ingredients, good that you saved them!!:)) We have to go through these experiments before emerging as great cooks!

  6. looks delicious and your own creation, wow!! a good name for the cookie too 🙂
    must try this eggless and baking powder less cookies soon 🙂

  7. Wow your own creation.
    That is something i have never done in baking.
    Well just melt in the mouth cookies with just that pistach left in your mouth.
    Pity i am not living next to you.

  8. Hahahaha…Asha cookies, truly magnificent!! I’m sure they’ll taste as great as the person named behind it:)

  9. What a sweet gesture to such a wonderful person! Asha you derserve this.

  10. amma has made some changes, but this is what benne biscuits are like.

    http://theyumblog.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/chocochip-cookies/ – amma makes many variations including a “karam” variety.

    these cookies are crunchy, but melt in your mouth after that first bite. your recipe is almost similar (even in proportions) except for the milk powder bit.

  11. OMG!! You did it too girl, your own cookies with my name. I am honored!:))

    Asha cookies sounds and looks great too.Pista and Chocolate are a great combo.Thank you so much, you made my day today!! Hugs to you.

  12. cute looking Asha cookies:)

  13. Thanks for all your comments. Ashaji, this is a tribute for all your kindness towards fellow bloggers.
    And thanks Lakshmi for the benne biscuits recipe. Will definitely try it out!
    And HappyCook, I wud love to send you some Asha cookies!

  14. :)) Great way to honor your fellow blogger friends.
    Thanks! They deserve lot more!

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