Weekend baking…

I baked a Swedish cake, coconut bread, an apple pie and crunchy chocolate bars last weekend. My dig camera is up and running now and hencemanaged to take a few pics.

I took the pic of “Sister kaka” before it went into the oven and after that my camera was down. By the time it started working they got over. So bear with these pics. This is a swedish cake and Dagmar had given this name as its a smaller version of a bigger cake. I baked it for my loving sister and she liked it very much when I served it warm and fresh. The original recipe calls for strawberry sugar which I cannot get in Chennai. I mixed oridinary sugar with a pinch of green food color and the looks were not that bad but I missed the gorgeous looks of the strawberry sugar for sure! This recipe is from A Cat in the Kitchen

And the apple pie is an absolutely wonderful recipe. Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie fame’s recipe is totally fool proof. Thanks Julia, I have never thought I could bake an apple pie on my own!


The Chocolate crunch bars are again a great snack and so easy. This is our dear Nic’s recipe again!


 Then comes the coconut bread! This was almost like a coconut cake but less sweet. I made a simple topup and it turned to be absolutely delicious. This is my father’s idea of eating a slice of bread which I applied to this slice of coconut bread. Apply a a generous layer of butter on the slice. Sprinkle “Glucose” generously on it. The chill feel of glucose melting with the butter turns out to be an excellent icing. My father’s innovation in early 60’s during his bachelor days is our family’s favorite now! Here are the coconut bread slices !


12 comments on “Weekend baking…

  1. Those are some wonderful goodies you whipped up. Mouth watering! I like yr father’s tip. So unique.
    Thanks Suganya!

  2. Everything looks so yummy!
    Thanks dear!

  3. All of them look very delicious!!! Looks like u had an eventful weekend 🙂
    Yes dear! Truely eventful. And I shud thank my family who finished them all when they were fresh !

  4. I love the idea of the glucose. Your description of the feel of glucose melting is PERFECT! 🙂
    Thanks Shammi!

  5. You have been on a baking spree! They all look great!:))
    True Asha! Thanks a lot!

  6. you are a pro now, nirmala. can i come over?
    Thats a great word Bee! You have made my day! There’s a proverb in tamil. “Vasishtar vaayaal brahma rishi”. That means getting the “Brahma rishi” title from the Sage Vasishtar! You understand :). You are most welcome. Let me kow when u visit India. I shall send you all the goodies you want!

  7. Hi, you seem to be baking everyday. Nice brownies.I liked the chocolate crunch bars.
    Yes Latha. I am literally crazy 😉

  8. im in anna nagar – hope you get the hint. 🙂
    Oh really! Thats so nice. Let me know u’re address. I shall send some baked goodies to you!

  9. Excellent set of baking recipe….. Love them a lot..
    Thanks Sukanya!

  10. these are just beauties…..Chocolate crunch bars for me 🙂
    Yes dear! all of them are for you 😉

  11. hmm you sure have a sweet tooth there!! pics look good.
    But Sharmi I could always get only the leftovers as my family enjoys all these goodies well.

  12. wow. this looks yum. can u pls tell me which otg u use, both the brand name and model. m thinking of buying one. thanks

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