30 minute meal…

I missed JFI Chilly and was not regular in my posts recently. So I hurriedly made this 30 minute meal to get into Summer Express cooking .

A quick sambhar, a jiffy rasam and the simplest ever egg curry with a cup of curds. Thats all my meal consists of.

Step 1: Cook rice ( as required) and 1 cup of Toor dal with 4 cups of water (excess water will be used for rasam) together using separators in a pressure cooker. (To cook toor dal refer here). (10 mins)

Step 2. While the rice and dal is getting cooked in the pressure cooker cut veggies and make all prep work for this sambar. If still the cooker is not ready to take out rice and dal, go to Step 3 and come back here again 🙂 Follow the recipe for sambar as here. The sambar will be ready! (7 minutes)

Step 3. Once cutting veggies are done heat a kadai / wok and add 1 tablespoon of peanut oil. Fry two cloves of crushed garlic until brown with a spoon of sambar podi ( do this in low flame as the sambar podi will immediately tend to burn) . Within 5 seconds the raw smell of sambar podi will dissappear. Break two eggs and add the whites and yolk to this. Add salt (1/4 tea spoon will be fine or as per your taste) and keep stirring until you get a reddish mass. It won’t look good but I bet it tastes very nice and its simplicity adds more grace to it. (5 minutes)

Step 4: In a blender take 2 tomatoes (medium sized), 1 Indian vareity red chilly, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 1 inch tamarind, 1 sprig of curry leaves, a pinch of asfoeatida, 2 cloves of garlic, required salt and blend to a coarse paste. To this add 2 cups of dal water (taken from the cooked toor dal) and add enough water to adjust the taste if needed. Heat a wok with a teaspoon of peanut oil and add mustard seeds (1/4 teaspoon). Once they start spluttering add 2 pinches of asfoetida and wait for 5 seconds. Add the rasam mix to it and switch off the stove when the first bubble appears on the surface. Garnish with coriander leaves and immediately cover the vessel. (6 minutes)

Those left over two minutes can be used to set up the table / clean up the messy kitchen 😉

A simple yet satisfying meal is ready !


6 comments on “30 minute meal…

  1. Hi nirmala,
    Nice blog! saw your mini chocolate cakes also. Your entry for Express cooking is also very good.

    I have been baking for 25 years . Practice makes you perfect. Just we need to try all kinds of recipes.
    Nice knowing you.
    Thanks Latha. Keep posting tips and recipes on baking in u’re blog. I see most of authentic recipes in your blog even though haven’t commented I regularly visit u’re blog

  2. 😀 no photos needed. I can imagine the meal. Often, since I cook for just two people, when I make the complete Tamil meal (which I rarely do) I skip either the Sambar or the Rasam and pay more attention to the Kai.

    PS: Are you based in Chennai?
    Thanks Lakshmi. Try this meal. You would love it. Yeah I live in TNagar.

  3. nice entry. hmm.. no photos? hope ur camera works soon.

  4. Too bad no pics:-(
    Any particular reasun you use peanut oil for sambar?
    I just saw the comment above & saw that u live in T.Nagar.
    I love Chennai & my folks were there for almost 8 yrs. We have lived in Adyar, Abhiramapuram & R.A Puram.T.Nagar was my mom’s fav place to ” hang-out” when she could & she would sometimes drag me along too. She could spend hours in the stores there looking for steel vessels & other things which we had no need for.
    Anyway, sorry to have rambled on like that….it just brought back a lot of good memories:-)
    TBC, shall upload the pics asap. Nice to know about you and your mom shopping. Even I used to do it. We always use peanut oil for cooking. Few recipes are made with gingelly / sesame oil

  5. oh so sorry about your camera. would love to see the pics as you menu sounds yum.
    Have uploaded photos Sharmi!

  6. hey pretty blog..u have and nice 30 minute meal
    Thanks Rachna! You too have a nice blog.

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