Birthday baking…

Today is my dear brother’s b’day! He is the person to encourage me with all my baking experiments by eating them all as soon as he could 😉 So I baked him some coconut cookies (Courtesy Nic of www.bakingbites.com) and A great black forest cake from our dear Nupur’s recipe. Its is so easy as I never thought I can make one at home! Thanks a lot dear!

Black forest

Even though the cake was not looking so good it tasted very good. I did not have the cherry brandy and thus skipped it. Did not even substituted with the sugar syrup as at home they do not like wet cakes. Since I did not have a 8×8 pan I baked it in a bigger pan. This made the cake a thinner one so I did not try slicing it. Simply spreaded the filling on top and showered it with chocolate shavings. Everybody enjoyed it and yesterday night I started baking by 11.45 and I finished it by 1 PM. Thats quite fast is n’t it 😉

Coconut cookies
And for the cookies I topped them with some chocolate shavings too for a change and it tasted good. The photos are not so attractive I have to improve upon but the cake and cookies are over by now !


9 comments on “Birthday baking…

  1. i think the cake looks awesome!!! presentation may be crucial for certain social situations, but good food looks good even by itself.

    i can almost taste the cream of rich black forest in my mouth. i like the syrupy wetness though i am not particular about the layers- so i would have preferred you to make it wet. :D.

    my amma’s learnt most of her baking with home experimentation, and after a quarter century of baking she’s an expert. 🙂

    Thanks Lakshmi! For u’re encouraging comments. I shall give the cake a syrup bath next time 😉

  2. Hey,

    can’t see the pictures… they’re not downloading at all. Will try again later. But great going girl! You rock!

  3. looks really tasting, especially the cake

  4. Black forest cake looks great.Mouthwatering.I like the chocolate shavings there!:))

  5. Hi , it’s my first time here.
    Ilove the name of your blog. There is something so comforting about the word “Amma”.
    Your cake looks really good & moist.

  6. yummy looking cake. Happy b’day to ur brother.

  7. wowo. that’s really a yummy looking cake. your brother is a lucky guy.

  8. Thanks Lakshmi, Sharmi, Raaga, Bee, Shaju, Asha and TBC! These words are my boost for all the midnight baking…

  9. This is my fav cake….YUM!…..It is looking nice and moist….
    Wud love to send u some 😉

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