A meme and Chocolate mini cakes

When Anu of Kitchen Queen tagged me for a meme I am really surprised as I was a budding blogger and all my fellow buddies were so kind enough to encourage me in all ways! Thanks a lot Anu!
1. I am a working mom of 2 kids and a budding blogger. My first inspiration is our dear Indira and since few months I am into blogging
2. I am a home bird and recently developed the passion for cooking various types of recipes. Before I used to repeat what my mother had taught me. But very much interested in experimenting. My recent experiments are with baking.
3. I adore my mother very much and she is an inspiration for me till now.
4. Recent moment of great happiness: My elder one who is 4.5 years old had difficulties in writing even though he is very good at his orals, since he joined LKG. Now afetr getting promoted to UKG he still was having problems and my dear mother treated him with Accupucture and trained him personally and voila! within 15 days he started writing well now. I do not have any words to express how happy I am.
5. Recent moment of honour : When Indira listed my blog in her’s I am too honoured. Thanks a lot Indira!
6. I love travelling but in recent years after getting married and having kids (since 6 years) I hardly do travel.
7. And last but not the least my recent accomplolishment : Baking successfully 11 different recipes (includes cakes, cookies and buns) since a month (my dream came true)!

And here follows the recipe of my recent try (Ofcourse Nic’s Baking bites):

;Chocolate mini cakes
Since I do not have a muffin tray I made shallow cakes using my tart moulds but still they were yummy! Thanks a lot for this recipe Nic!


8 comments on “A meme and Chocolate mini cakes

  1. Nice MeMe. Good to know about you and your life.

  2. Hi…First time to ur blog…..U have a nice set of recipes….Loved them all…U chocolate cake is looking amazing..
    Welcome and Thanks Sukanya!

  3. wow. enjoyed reading this. can you tell us more about accupuncture?
    Thanks Bee! Its an ancient Chinese way of medical therapy. I would post about it separately very soon!

  4. Hi!
    That’s a very nice meme! good that your son has started writing! btw chocolate mini cakes looks delicious!

  5. Hey… thats so nice knowing about you!
    Thanks Coffee!

  6. that was a lovely meme. and the cookies look different and nice.
    Thanks Sharmi but they are mini cakes 😦

  7. Nice meme. good to know that ur son hsa started writing!

  8. How beautiful! MeMe and the cookies too:)
    Thanks Asha but they were cakes 😉

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