Angels like them sweeter….

    After a break of 4 days again I baked a cake. I got an electric hand blender which gave me confidence to try out cakes which need “beat egg whites until you see soft peaks”. As manually for me its not at all possible I was waiting for the blender.

     And finally I dared to try out “angel Food cake” (Recipe source : Baking bites )
The very word “Angel” attracted me to try this recipe out. The instructions were too good and a step by step demo of how to create “soft peaks” with egg whites were simply superb. When I tried it at home I am surprised to see the outcome just as the picture shown in the web site! Thanks a lot Nic! (Nicole Weston )

Angel food cake
       I finally found my misplaced USB cable of my camera and here are the pics.
But to be frank even though the cake came out well I felt its very sweet. Might be, the Angels like them sweeter 😉


8 comments on “Angels like them sweeter….

  1. congratulations on your cake success. for baking, nic is my hero. i’ve made nearly a dozen recipes from her site, and love them all.
    just an observation: american desserts are way sweeter than what others are used to. i always reduce the sugar in any recipe by half. and it’s still very sweet.
    Thanks bee! I shall take your point while adding sugar!

  2. Looks good.
    Thanks Latha!

  3. Hi!
    Cake looks very nice! bee’s suggestion is helpful here!
    Thanks Usha!

  4. The cake looks really good. I like Nic’s site a lot. It is such a valuable resource for us, isn’t it?
    True! Nic has real treasure of recipes!

  5. Cake looks yumm Nirmala!!

    I saw your blog and I loved the Kulambu recipe. I really would like a recipe for Kulambu powder.
    You ahve been tagged by me for a MEME, pls do visit my blog for more details.


    Hey Thats a surprise! Thanks for tagging me Anu!

  6. hey congrats on the cake. thanks for the link will surely go through. now that it is bee’s favorite too.
    And its news that it bee’s favorite! I wud love to send her some!

  7. Congrats…you cake looks quite spongy and moist….Baking bites is really a good one for all our baking adventures….hope to see more from you 🙂

    Thanks Shn!

  8. hey, n, sharmi meant nic’s site is my favourite. your assumption about my love for angel food cake is not wrong, though. it is my favourite cake, esp, if it has orange zest in it.

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