Rose Gulkhand

Rose Gulkhand is just not a sweet but it has lots of medicinal properties. A few I would like to list are
1. Increases hemoglobin in blood
2. Cures constipation
3. Acts as a coolant to body
4. Rich in vitamin C

Here is the traditional recipe to prepare it. This recipe is followed by my beloved sister who makes it in large quantities for her patients.

Rose petals (baby pink Indian vareity) are the most preferred ones – 1 cup
Sugar candy (Kalkandu) – 2 cups (powdered)
Honey – 3 cups
Ideally the ratio should be 1:2:3 (Rose petals : Sugar candy powder : Honey)
Mix all of the ingredients in a dry jar and keep under sunlinght for 7 hours for 10 days. Mix it with a dry clean laddle everyday before and after keeping it in sunlight. Store in a cool dry place. If maintained properly it can stay for atleast 2 years. Have a spoonful with a cup of warm milk everynight before you sleep.


12 comments on “Rose Gulkhand

  1. Hi! Which is the best equivalent for the indian variety rose, please?
    Latha, I am not aware which are the ones available in US. This post from Tigersand strawberries list all the edible flowers with pcis. Edible flowers I am referring to the rose variety shown in that post. Please let me know if you could find out its botanical name

  2. nirmala, when you say ‘one cup’ rose petals, do you mean loose or packed?
    Bee, It should be packed !

  3. Hi!
    The list is very helpful which really makes us to try it!
    Usha, thanks a lot! Give a try and let me know!

  4. i remember eating this when i was in india but never tried and guess what i am going to india in august and u know now whats in my list!!
    Padmaja, you sure can get it. Let me know when you are in india. If possible I can mail you home made Gulkhand for you!

  5. used to have it while in India. used to get a good quality gulkand in Khadi stores.
    now miss it. thanks for the recipe.
    Sharmi, if you could make it at home wiht quality ingredients it will taste much better than the ones u get in Khadi stores

  6. Very nice recipe .I wish i could taste this .Can i come over to your place..
    Sure Deepa! You are most welcome!

  7. Hi,
    Can this be tried with red roses? What should be the roses petal state while preparing Gulkhand?
    Red roses are not suitable sandhya. The petals should be fresh for preparing this.

  8. […] placed a drop of honey on an edible rose petal. These two were key ingredients for Gulkhand. Howzat looking […]

  9. Hi….
    I was actually sipping a glass of milk with gulkhand when i’m typing this over…. I’ve actually moved to chennai & the heat seems a little unbearable… for the body internally & the skin getting a little darker because of hardwater.Too much of A/c does’nt seem to be good…do you have some suggestions to get comforatble in this place, would be great if you could suggest some.

  10. Taking oil bath (apply oil from head to toe, preferably gingelly oil) and soak around for half an hour and take a warm bath. Do it every week. It helps.

  11. Hi Nirmala,

    Could you please tell the way of consumption (i.e in empty stomach… before going to bed…etc..) that will give maximum goodness of Gulkhand.
    Have it before you sleep 1 teaspoon with a glass of milk.

  12. Hello,

    I am a diabetic so is it okay for me to have gulkhand ? Where can I get gulkhand in Mumbai ? Do chemists keep this ?

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