I burnt my first cake…

Baking is my long term dream and since I do not have an oven I was not able to try it. Whenever my fellow bloggers post baking recipes I would drool over them but last week my dream came true. I bought a simple OTG (oven toaster and griller) with a dozen cup cake moulds and two baking dishes. Also I got ingredients for making a basic cake and tried Ayis’ recipes’ simple but excellent cake . And you know, I burnt my first cake 😦 I am not clear (must be over enthusiastic I suppose) and where to position the tray inside the oven and I placed it on just top of the iron rods. I set the timer for 50 minutes but on the tenth minute it started smoking and the burnt smell filled the house. I took out the cake immediately and luckily I could save it once it cooled down. The corners and bottom got charred a little but the overall taste did not get spoiled much. And the cake dissappeared within an hour 🙂 I don’t have words to express the love my family have for me as none of them made a negative comment on the cake and they finished it too with all smiles. Thanks dears!
Thanks a alot for this simple egg cake Shilpa! Its a real great recipe for beginners like me which gives lotsa confidence!

And then started the baking spree!!! I was really crazy about baking as everyday I will start prepping up the ingredients by 9.30 pm (by then both my kids would have slept) and by the time I get to bed it will be 12 am around. Must be really crazy 😉 I tried the following and it all came out well as I could get only leftovers and could not take any pics 😉

Coconut puff from our dear Indira
Mississipi mud cake
I tried adding walnuts to the simple egg cake of Shilpa and it turned good too.
World peace cookies

Thanks friends for all the recipes you share and here I have shared my happiness with you all!

And now I know where to place the baking tray in my oven 😉


8 comments on “I burnt my first cake…

  1. hey…welcome to the club…i burnt mine too..and the oven as well 🙂
    Hey ! I have company! BTW I am regular reader of your posts and I always loved your writing shanti

  2. good. now we want pictures.
    I misplaced my dig camera’s data cable. can’s upload pics. will find it soon and upload them!

  3. cool so now you are in the baking world… where are the pictures?
    Will upload them soon Roopa!

  4. Nice experience Nirmala. Nice to know you. thanks for dropping by. Viji

  5. Well…making mistakes are okay as long as you learn from it and improve!:)
    Your family sounds like great ppl.Enjoy.I have a bread recipe,if you like to try!
    Looking forward to photos.
    Thanks Asha! Will upload them soon! Sure Asha! Your buttermilk onion bread is already in my list!

  6. recipe looks good.. will try this sometime 🙂
    Credit goes to Shilpa ofAyisrecipes!

  7. (unrelated comment alert!) I couldn’t find your mail id, hence the comment, Nirmala. If you wish to send cheques, please draw them in favour of Krishnammal Jegannathan and send them to:

    Vinoba Ashram
    Nagapattinam district
    Tamil Nadu
    PINCODE 611 105

    You may reach them at 00914366-275443 and 275540. E-mail: laftitngsm@yahoo.co.in

    Thank you, Nirmala. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog.
    Thanks a lot. I have mailed you!

  8. join the gang lady 🙂 we all have same experience when it comes to baking. but u r slowly mastering the art by baking so many yummy cakes already. hope u r having fun 🙂
    Yes Supriya! Its real fun!

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