Rozy Rozy Gulkhand Kulphi

Have you ever tasted ice cream when you are drenched in rain ? That too in wet clothes ? My father likes these experiments and when we where kids we went

for a visit to the market. When coming back suddenly it started raining and before we could reach the nearest shelter we were drenched. The shelter happened

to be an ice cream parlour and my father surprisingly called us for a cup of icecream. We kids cannot deny that and it is a wonderful experince to have ice

creams when you where shivering with wet clothes. Luckily we did not catch any cold so escaped from my mom’s scoldings.
The same feeling I had when I hit the idea of making this icecream for the event

Warning: Please don’t be skeptical about the usage of rose flower in this recipe.

Milk – 2 cups
Gulkhand – 2 teaspoons

To be ground to a coarse powder:
Badam & cahshew – each 10
Saffron – 2 strands
Cardomom – 2 pods

Left to right - Gulkhand, Badam+cahshew powder, Plain flour 

Hot to make ?
Boil the milk and cool it to room temperature. Add the Gulkhand (recipe to be spoted soon) and mix well. Filter it in a colander and squeeze the residue to

extract maximum liquid from it. Return the vessel to the stove and add the ground powder to it and boil further till the milk reduces to half of its quantity. Switch

off the stove and let it cool to room temperature. Pour this liquid to kulpi moulds and freeze it for 2-3 hours. Once set invert it in a tray and serve it rose petals


Gulkhand Kulphi

This particular dessert starts melting immeidtately and so finish eating it as soon as its served 😉 Believe me…it was divine!


5 comments on “Rozy Rozy Gulkhand Kulphi

  1. Sounds delicious. I would try it but I don’t know where to get Gulkand.

    This story reminds me of my adventures, I love eating IceCreams in Rain and I love drinking coke in the snow….

  2. As lata said , i am not sure if we are getting gulkand here .But must have tasted great

  3. My brother used eat Gulkand in B’lore.I haven’t seen it in here in a long time probably get it in Indian grocery store.I will try.
    July 4th is the deadline for Ice cream event.Hope she adds it:))

  4. Thanks Asha, Lata and Deepa. I shall post the recipe fort he Gulkhand soon. Baby pink roses are the best for it if not pink roses can be substituted. I mena the indian varieties. I cannot participate in Meeta’s event as I am not able to upload the photo from my dig camera 😦

  5. Nirmala,

    Wonderful blog…With great recipes… And this is such a simple yet nutritious one…Will make it over the weekend…Thank you!

    And Lata, Deepa and Asha, you can get Gulkhand in Indian stores. I get it in Patel stores, NJ.
    Thanks a lot Chandirka ! And now you can make Gulkhand at home too!

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