Mulaikeerai Garlic masiyal – Amaranth-garlic medley

Mulaikeerai or Amaranth is available all through the year in Chennai. When we were living in Cuddalore, there were paddy fields near by. My mom in the morning used to visit one of them and will come back with a bunch of greens. They were fresh, green and its for free !!! Plucking those greens are a favour for the farmers as they grow like weeds but that can make a simple meal for anybody.
This mulaikeerai masiyal with any spicy curry can make a fullfilling meal. Even though its very bland the mild garlic flavor creates a lingering taste in our mouth. I like it to lick it as it is without mixing it with rice 😉

Fresh Amaranth – 1 bunch
Garlic – 10 pods
Gingelly oil – 4 table spoons

Water – 1/2 cup

Salt – 1/2 spoon (adjust the quantity as per taste)

For thaalipu:
Urad dal – 1/2 spoon

Mustard seeds – 1/4 spoon

Dry red chilly – 2 (split into 2 pieces)

How to make it ?
Pluck the amaranth leaves with the stem (tillthe tender part of the stem) and wash it several times in water until the water is clear.
Pour Giglelly oil in a wide skillet. Once it is hot add the garlic pods and fry till they turn yellow (point is not to brown it). Add the amaranth leaves with the stem and cook it for few seconds turning it whenever needed.

Amaranth leaves added to skillet

Then simmer the stove and cook for another 7-10 minutes until the leaves wilt. Add 1/2 cup of water and required salt and cook further till oil separates. Turn it often so as not to get it burnt. Once done remove from fire and let it cool.

Before blending...

Blend it in a blender to make a fine paste.
Do the thaalipu with a spoon of gingelly oil. Once the oil is hot add the mustard seeds. Once they splutetr and split red chillies and urad dal. When the chillies change color pour it over the amaranth paste and now its ready to serve. Mix it with rice and have it with any spicy curry.

Keerai masiyal ready !


11 comments on “Mulaikeerai Garlic masiyal – Amaranth-garlic medley

  1. Whoa !! I just posted Amaranth dal myself !! 😀 😀
    That medley looks soooo delish 🙂
    Thanks Mythili. This combi when eaten continuously for three days in the mornings clears up constipation.

  2. Looks delicious.I have planted some Amaranth leaves,might get some in few weeks.
    Asha, Cooking with veggies from our own garden is really wonderful!

  3. Good one. I put some tamarind puree to it to make puli keerai with this..
    Great post !
    Yes Revathi, thats another variation for this msiyal. But we used to add tamarind only for arakeerai.

  4. I dint know that Amaranth is mulaikeerai.. I thought it was kodi pasalai.. Thx for the info!
    I got that info from one of our bloggers Chandrika of Akshayapatra.http://akshayapatra.blogspot.com/2006/08/mulaikeerai-kadaiyal-amaranth-curry.html Thanks Chandrika!

  5. The Only Keerai I cook is Mulai keerai,with which I make Koottu and Masiyal..very rarely,keerai sambhar..My husband loves it and a “must in menu” atleast twice a week!!
    Feeling really happy to see a Tamilian Blog start up that too form Chennai..Great work girl..keep it up!!!
    Bharathy, you people were my inspiration! And i am happy I am gathering a whole big crowd of my fellow bloggers become friends like this.

  6. Hi nirmala,
    first time in ur blog.I jus love mullai keerai.But being in US it is not available.Thanks for sharing.
    Hi ramya, thakns for visiting. But many of our fellow bloggers in US make dishes out of it. You can give a try in nearby indian stores.

  7. First time visit your blog…..come from asha blog….very nice blog…..I attract your name bcoz my mom name is Nirmala…very nice curry…:)
    Thanks Kajal. I am a regular reader of your blog and some days you keep pouring with so many postings in the same day. Appreciate your ethusiasm.Keep it up!

  8. wow!!!this is very nice ..I love kerai and this one is yummy..thks for sharing

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on june 11th… sorry for late reply

    Tell me what is JFI events ? How can i join ?


  10. First time here and I enjoyed reading about the keerai and dollar uttappams!

  11. Hi Iam visiting ur blog for the first time.
    All ur receipes are of the same type, the combinations of ingredients and everything is just how my mother and grandma used to make.love your keerai masiyal, and era kulambu with karamani.these are my favorites.

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