Dollar Uthappam

This weekend I got this idea of making mini uthappams. You know how? I suddenly remembered a good old ad played in radios in 1980s. Its about a biscuit called “Dollar Biscuit”. It will play like this.

      The entire ad is in the form of a song. A kid will ask her father when he was about to go out. “Appa appa, kadaiku poreeya?” (Dad, were you going to shopping?)” The father will sing back “aamaam kannu! unaku enna venum sollu” (yes darling. what do you want?). “Dollar biscuit Dollar biscuit Dollar biscuit venum ( I want Dollar biscuits)! I can never forget this song as when I was a kid I love to sing this whenever my father goes out (should be definitely nagging him I think ;)). These dollar biscuits made me to make these mini uthappams. Yes they can be called as “Dollar Uthappams” instead!!! This recipe is nothing new…the same good old uthappam…the presentation and combinations are bit different thats all!

Uthappam batter – 1 cup (Is similar to dosa batter)
Rasam – 1 cup (recipe below)
Idli podi – 1 table spoon (recipe to be spoted soon)
Ghee to serve

How to make it ?

Quick Pepper Rasam :

Ingredients :
Tamarind – 1 inch piece
Garlic – 2 pods
Dried Red chilly – 2 (according to how hot u want)
Pepper – 1/2 tea spoon
Jeera – 1/2 tea spoon
Coriander  – 1/2  a hand ful
Curry leaves – 1 sprig
Tomato – one medium sized

How to make Quick pepper rasam?
Put all the above ingredients (except curry and coriander elaves) and grind it in a belnder. Mix it with 3 cups of water. Add required salt. In a hot kadai add a spoon of oil, 1/4 spoon of mustard seeds and 2-3 pinch of Asafoetida. Once the mustard seeds splutter pour in the mix. Once the mix starts frothing switch off the stove, throw in the curry and coriander leaves and cover it immediately. Wait for 10 minutes before u serve for the spices in the rasam to blend in nicely.

How to make Dollar Uthappam ?
Heat a tawa and drop spoon fulls of the uthappam batter. It will automatically settle down into small circles. For podi Uthappam, sprinkle the Idli podi on the Uthappam: ‘s, sprinkle oil on the sides and cook on both sides until crisp.

For the second batch cook uthappams in similar way but without sprinkling podi on it.

How to serve?
Place the podi uthappam in a plate and drizzle some ghee on it. For the rasam soaked ones, in a shallow tray place the ordinary uthappams and add 1/2 cup (per 5 uthappams) rasam to it. Let them soak and now the dollar uthappams are ready for galloping.
Dollar Uthappam – (Podi Uthappam, Dollar Uthappams floating in spicy rasam)
This is my entry to WBB12 – Spice it up hosted by our wonderful Trupti!


10 comments on “Dollar Uthappam

  1. Hi!
    what a nice uthappams!!! very nice presentation!!!! what about sambar???
    No sambar ! as I did not make it yesterday 😉

  2. looks delicious for kids these would be very attarctive
    Yes Roopa. My elder one loved it.

  3. So cute! This is great for my kids too..thank you!
    Nice that u liked it. You can add as many combis as toppings to this. Post it if you do some variations..

  4. they look so cute 🙂 have tasted mini idlis, this is new and so adorable to serve 🙂
    Yes Richa. Try it out.

  5. 🙂
    Loooved it! I am always on the search for kid pleasers.
    My elder one is a fussy eater and I have a bunch of such recipes. I shall post them soon in a separate category!

  6. Looks good. I made similar pancakes this weekend.
    Thanks Lata

  7. Oh my Goddddddddddddd !! I remember that advt in radio… got back my memoriesss. Hugs to you for bringing those memories back !!!!
    Revathi I am so glad I have people who loved that ad. Hugs to you too 🙂

  8. I vaguely remember that Ad. But yr dollar uthappams look perfect!
    Thanks Suganya!

  9. this is so nice and yummy …..Looks good ..thks for sharing
    Thanks Deepa

  10. Hi,
    Yummy uthappams. Looks delicious. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.

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