Fish Kuzhambu (Cuddalore style)

Fish is our family’s all time favorite. My mom makes a variety of “kuzhabmu” (gravy) with different type of fish. This kuzhambu is not in the usual gravy consistency rather than bit watery. But it is absolutely delicious and many of our relatives when visit us first ask for this. Even kids do that. Now coming to the recipe here I used a fish called “Sankara meen” but you can use all fish which we used to make gravy type. Pomfret is also ideal. Usually for kuzhambu small fish vareities suit the best.

Fish – 6 pieces (cleaned and marinated for 15 minutes with turmeric+garlic+salt+1 Tablespoon of oil)
Tamarind – 1 big lemon sized ball
Tomatoes – 2 small ones
Onion 1 big onion / 2 msall ones
Sambar podi – 2 table spoons
Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon
Salt as per taste
Coconut – Freshly grated – 1 cup
Oil for deep frying
Vadagam – 1 table spoon
Garlic – 16 pods

To be made into a paste:
Grind the coconut and onion into a fine paste

How to make it?

Extract the pulp out of the tamarind after soaking it in 8 cups of water. Add the required salt in while soaking the tamarind to extract maximum pulp and get more tastier kozhambu.
In a wide pan heat the oil and once hot drop the fish pieces and fry for just 10 seconds and take them out.
In a chatti pour 4 table spoon of oil. Once its hot add the vadagam. Once it is fried add the garlic pods and fry them till they turn brown tinted. Add the chopped tomatoes and saute till they turn mushy. Then add the tamrind extract. Add the turmeric, Sambar podi and let the mixture boil till the raw smell of sambar podi disappears. Add the fish pieces and let it cook until done. Finally add the ground coconut-onion paste and boil it till the raw smell of onion disappears or until the oil separates. The aroma of the kozhambu will now fill the whole house. Serve hot with piping hot rice and Fish fry (recipe to come soon).

Fish Kuzhambu

Note: You can add raw mango pieces before adding the coconut onion paste and wait till it gets cooked and then add the paste. This will increase the sourness of the gravy but its nice 😉 My choice is to have this with hot soft idlis.


11 comments on “Fish Kuzhambu (Cuddalore style)

  1. Hi!
    This recipe is totally new to me!! by the way wont the fish get broken if it is boiled after it has been cooked?? This is the first time in your blog. blog is beautifull!!
    Usha, since we deep fry it for few seconds it won’t break. anyway the diea is to boil the kuzhambu tillthe raw smell of onion in the paste dissappear. It won’t take much time.

  2. Fish Curry looks soo delicious, maybe will try it with Salmom or Tilapia.
    I dont have vadagam is there any substitute for that?
    Yes Aruna. You can use regular mustard seeds and curry leaves for the tadka.

  3. Wow different method looks great.. Sankara meen.. i think its called Redsnapper here. Absolutely love tht fish… 🙂
    Revathi, I am not aware of all the english names for the fish. If you could point me to any index it would be great!

  4. hi, ur fish curry looks delicious. wud like to try it. can u pls tell me wat sambar podi and vadagam means……….. waitin for ur reply
    I sent you a mail but it bounced back. The vadagam recipe can be found at http://lakshmiammal.wordpress.com/2006/10/08/10/. You can substitute with basic mustard seeds and cumin seeds thaalipu/tadka for it. The sambar podi recipe is available in my blog under “podi” category. Its the basic chilli powder with added spices for flavour.

  5. Hi ,

    This is Anitha. I tried this receipe on Strout fish . It came absolutely very well. Everyone in our family loves this fish Kuzhambu. Its totally different from other fish receipes . Thanks a lot for this valuable receipe. Keep doing ur cooking passion.

  6. hi…ur fish curry looks yummy…this is really new to me..wth vadgam n sambar podi…since am fish lover too..will try it soon…thx for sharing…u have wonderful recipes..will follow on ur site…keep it up..bye

  7. Hi ,
    The fish curry cudallore style turned out to be very yummy… I’m newly wed and don’t have much expertise in cooking non-veg and i live in Amsterdam. My husband loved the fish curry. This recipe was very simple to make yet very delicious . I made it with shankara meen . Since i did not have vadagam i used a bit of fenugreek and jeera seeds. Thanks hope to c many more easy dishes in ur site.

  8. I tried the “Fish Kuzhambu (Cuddalore style)” twice at my home.Now this is our all time side soup for dosa
    and idly.Keep posting buddy.
    Thank you so much sri. I am glad you like it

  9. Hi mam its bit difr .is that vadagam wil suit for tis.

  10. hi,
    am nisha, am going to try meen kulambu for the first time………i think it will be good to taste.,usually meen kulambu will give yummy taste for the next day in this if we use coconut it wont get spoil ah?

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