Milagu Pori (Pepper Murmura)

This is our all time favorite snack. A plate of milagu pori with a mug of hot tea in a rainy day evening is simply divine. The usual add ons for “masala pori” is totally missing here but the pepper and garlic along with the mild scent of coconut oil gives a great taste that you can never stop eating it.


Pori / Puffed Rice /Murmura Buggani – 5 cups

Pepper – 1 spoon

Jeera – 1 spoon

Coconut oil – 4 table spoon

 Garlic – 8 pods

Curry leaves – 1 sprig

Salt to taste

How to make it?

In a mortar and pestle pound the garlic pods slightly. Powder the pepper and jeera coarsely after dry roasting it. In a wide skillet heat the coconut oil and fry the pounded garlic. Once it starts giving the aroma add the pepper and jeera powder along with salt and curry leaves. Switch off the stove. Add the puffed rice and mix it thoroughly till the masala gets evenly coated to the puffed rice. Serve it with  a cup of tea.


4 comments on “Milagu Pori (Pepper Murmura)

  1. One of my Gujarathi colleagues got this just yesterday. They added garlic too.

  2. Looks good. We get puffed rice here. Should try this sometime.

  3. you have a very beautiful blog. looking forward for more recipes


  4. Thanks Lata and Revathi. Its a real good snack. Easy to make too.
    Thanks Sharmi for your compliments. Really very encouraging for people like me 🙂

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