Lemony…Rosy…Tender Coconut

I was thinking about posting something cool for Meeta’s Monthly mingle but could not think about any icecreams. Finally remembered a drink which I tasted in “Hotel Annalakshmi” in Coimbatore. Its an authentic hotel which serves innovative vegetarian dishes. I tried my best to “remake” it from my memory (by the taste I guessed the ingredients !!!) and was 95% successful. Here comes the Lemony..Rosy…Tender coconut – A refreshing drink with its unique taste.


Ingredients for the drink 

Tender coconut water – 1 Glass

Rose water (Called as Panneer in tamil) – 2 Tablespoon

Lemon juice – 1 spoon

Sugar / Honey to taste

How to make it ?

Mix tender coconut water with lemon juice and rose water. If the tender coconut water is not so sweet adjust the taste by adding sugar / honey as per your liking. Serve it chilled.

Lemony...Rosy...Tender Coconut

The subtle smell is rose from the rose water and the mild tanginess by the lemon along with the sweet coconut water is refreshingly cool. This is my entry for Monthly Mingle – Beat the Heat by Meeta. I do not know if she could accept this entry as its not the “IceCream”. But this one can definitely help to “beat the heat” 🙂


7 comments on “Lemony…Rosy…Tender Coconut

  1. Wonderfulllll… This will surely bean annnnyyy heat !!!!

  2. it’s a great-looking drink.

  3. Hi!
    This drink will surely beat the heat…

  4. A wonderful refreshing drink. Perfect!
    Thanks Meeta!

  5. a really refreshing drink. Thanks.

  6. cooooooooool

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