A no…no…to reheating food…

 I could hear lots of hustle and bustle when this blog is read that too in a Food Blog community. What will happen suddenly all our micro wave ovens are not used for reheating? What will happen if we do not store cooked food in refrigerators for later use? What makes the difference if we finish the food we cook on the same day?

            I am daring to write this blog after a long time since I entered into the food blogging community. I adore everybody here who have a great passion towards food that too good and healthy food. We all are calorie conscious and keen on cooking and eating healthy food. We all rely upon fresh ingredients. Since I live in India, for cooking Indian food, I have the luxury of getting all the ingredients fresh. But how about my friends live all around the world? Getting fresh ingredients is not possible always. That’s why we go for frozen and canned ingredients. That is unavoidable. But storing food in refrigerators and Reheating? This if thought carefully can be avoided as much as possible.

            There is a quote in Siddha Medicine concept. “Mudhal naal samaitha kari amudheninum unnarka” meaning  the food you cook the day before even is amirtham (a heavenly nectar which once taken can give you deathless long life according to Hindu mythology) do not eat it the next day. Traditionally there is something which we all adore about – the values of the concepts formed by our ancestors. They have done so many experiments and had come out with these kinds of concepts for a healthy long life. 

Why not give a try to not store cooked food for the next day atleast for a week? My friends, I know many of us are working women and we hardly get time to cook everyday. But we all are the key persons for our families’ health if we have the determination we can really do it. Give it a try and in a month’s time you will definitely find the difference. The difference in our health, in our attitude (Yes! Food makes our attitude) and in our life. Me and my mother were practicing this all our life and had never stored cooked food in refrigerator. Cook for the day even it’s a simple meal cook and eat it fresh. I know how difficult it is but once it becomes a habit then its all easy! I welcome your comments and thoughts on this.


13 comments on “A no…no…to reheating food…

  1. I usually eat leftovers for lunch every day!!

  2. I used to do that when me and my husband were in different towns working but not anymore. I make little portions everyday and finish on the same day and in fact I finish everthing at one go. Thanks for sharing this..

  3. We try to do it as much as we can but sometimes life happens and cant cook everyday. Thanks f or that reminder.

  4. Hmm it was sooo easy practising this in india but here its way too difficult. I try my best not to store food. But I cook in the evenings and carry it for lunch next day.. probably it is 24 hours cycle thats is “mudhal naal”

    Very good concept… Btw where did u get to read that about siddha medicine ?

  5. hi,

    Excellent topic!. I have something to say here…I am a working mom and have been living in US for the past 5 years. When I got married, the first suggestion that my Mother-in-law gave was to cook every meal and not to keep cooked items in the fridge. It did not mean that I cannot store or preserve or use the fridge. The exceptions to what could not be refrigerated were food made with sugar(viz, Kesari Bath), pickles, Yogurt, Milk…. Even today, I cook every meal and we finish the food in that meal itself. I would say…it is all in how we plan.

  6. Thanks for all your comments. I am so happy that all were positive comments. Was actually awaiting strong ones but good that you all took it very positively. I know how difficult it is. But its all depends on how we plan. My father is the one who insists more on this and hence it became a habit for us. He used to say “How much ever you earn if you eat yesterday’s food you are no better than a beggar”. Even though its a strong comment afterall we toil and earn like this to eat good food and live a healthy life. Thanks for all the encouragment you people give. BTW Revathi, my sister is a Siddha doc and you can find lots of influence of those concepts in our day to day life which I will be very happy to share with you all.

  7. very thought provoking write up nirmala and enjoyed reading it. i cook daily. if i cook dinner today then tomorrow i will be cooking for our lunch box and for breakfast. so its like laternate days cooking for me. after long hours in office and another long drive back home i dont have enough energy left to prepare for brakfast, lunch and dinner. although i would like to change this its not that easy to do so:)

  8. At my inlaws place, we cook separatlely for every meal. I’ve tried incorporating this here too. But it does get difficult when we work also. As for leftovers, they are finished off as soon as possible.

  9. Thanks Supriya. I can understand what you say from my personal experience. But cooking limited quantity can save us from leftovers. But try not to cook for “leftovers”. Even a fresh sandwich is more energetic than a day old biriyani 🙂
    Jyothsna, just think of our ancestors who do not have a refrigerator. We too can plan in such a way to avoid leftovers. Usually the leftovers are for the women 🙂

  10. Nice theme…yes…being in india we get everything fresh…may not be possible for others…this reminds me the woes my brother went through when he landed in US…At home Amma makes fresh meals for all the three times, so it was really horrible and difficult for my brother as he didn’t know cooking, so he had to reply on his friends who cooked sambar for the whole week…he suffered a lot …but I guess people get used to it if they continue for a while

    true valli. we get used to unhealthy habits just by forceful situations and in due course we forget that its unhealthy 😦

  11. I hate reheating food and eating it. But I am forced to do it becuase both me and my husband leave for work very early in the morning. So, I cook the previous evening and carry it for lunch the next day. How I wish I had a little more time in the morning to cook!
    Thanks for your inputs Subaina. But with a little more effort you can avoid as much as possible by just making rice and mix with podi’s. Let me soon post some recipes that can be made in less than 10 minutes.

  12. I completely agree with this post, i try to practice it most time, but due to time and children and also living in a nuclear family makes life much harder :). I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen cooking three meals or more, but sometimes wish there would be left overs for the next day.
    You have a nice blog with some lovely recipes and photos.
    I am new to blogging and would be great if you visit my site as well


  13. Food Safty tips:

    Avoid reheating food many times as heat
    increases growth of micro-organisms and
    if food is not sufficiently reheated, it will
    lead to food poisoning.

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