Jackfriut Paratha – for JFI Jackfruit

When I read about Jihva for Ingredients – Jackfruit for this month I really really wanted to post a recipe as I am a blogger since  a month but a regular reader of all the blogs listed in Mahanandi. The JFI is a really wonderful event and I longed to particiapte in it. Finally thought through the whole month for a nice recipe using Jackfruit. As we originated in Northern Tamilnadu Jackfruit from “Panruti” is a regular item in most of our homes. But I have never eaten it cooked. We used to have the ripe fruit, raw and sometimes with honey.  Jackfruit is one among the “mukani” in tamil culture. (The “Mukani” means 3 fruits i.e., Bananas, Mangoes and Jackfruit – “maa, palaa & vaazhai”). The recipe I am going to post had won my mom’s heart when I served it to her yesterday. Here it is.


6 pieces of Jackfruit

Whole wheat flour 2 cups

Salt 1/4 spoon

Ghee 2 T spoons

How to make it?

Mix the salt with the whole wheat flour and add little water and make a dough as for Chapathi. Leave it for 1/2 hour. Meanwhile cut open the jackfriut sheaths and remove the seeds. Cut the sheath into thin stripes as shown in the picture below.


Make small lemon sized balls of the Chapathi dough and roll it to a round as for Chapathi. paratha-step1.jpe    paratha-step2.jpe

Place the stripes of jackfruit sheaths ina grid form as shown in the picture. Place another chapathi on it and press the edges so that it sticks together.


Once done it should look like the picture below.


Now heat a thawa or griddle and cook this paratha  on both sides with little ghee until you see golden spots on the surface of the paratha.

Serve it warm with honey and soft unsalted butter. 


How do you eat it?

Roll the paratha.

Dip it in the butter (take atleast half a spoon of butter with paratha)

Dip this in honey and bite. Yumm…..the next step is heaven….


8 comments on “Jackfriut Paratha – for JFI Jackfruit

  1. nirmala, i had posted a comment on receiving your entry. it doesn’t seem to have registered. thanks for participating in JFI, and for your innovative recipe.

  2. nirmala,
    i just saw ur coment in dinning hall and came to check ur blog. it will be nice if u can put ur blog url in ur profile.
    welcome to the food blogging world and wish u good luck:)

  3. Hey you have a nice blog here. What an innovative idea of jackfruit paratha.
    Please add your blog URL to the “edit profile -> Homepage URL” in blogger. That way when u leave a comment using your blogger, people can click on your profile and see your blog.

  4. Dear bee,
    Thanks for your comment. Thanks for the wonderful roundup for JFI-Jackfruit
    I have updated my profile. thanks for the warm welcome and visiting my blog…

  5. What an innovative idea !!

  6. hmmmm…very interesting!
    Thanks google

  7. Hi all. Cool site Google

  8. Hey,
    What a different idea. Keep it up.

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